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Please note this site is intended only for lawyers or notary publics acting for individual purchasers of Strata Lot units in Prime on the Plaza in Surrey, British Columbia.

In order to move forward, you must enter your password in the box below and press <Enter> or click the “Submit” button below.

A password has been sent out to each lawyer or notary public who is registered as acting for purchaser of a Strata Lot Unit(s) in the Prime on the Plaza Project.

Once you enter the password, the information that you will be accessing will be the Solicitor’s Information Package and all of the other information required to assist you in the conveyance of the Strata Lot Unit.

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Link to Canada Revenue Agency GST Confirmation - click here

Discharges of the Claim of Builders Liens have been filed in the Land Title Office as follows:

Claim of Builders Lien CA7715365       Discharge No. CA7739222

Claim of Builders Lien CA7715364       Discharge No. CA7744593

Claim of Builders Lien CA7719801       Discharge No. CA7744594

A Certificate of Completion has been issued as at September 10, 2019.

Accordingly, the builders lien holdback period expires on November 5, 2019
and not 56 days from the transfer of a strata lot.

A copy of the Certificate of Completion is now available for DOWNLOAD

Discharge Particulars of the Vendor's Existing Mortgage and Assignment of Rents, is now avaialable


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