McLachlan Brown Anderson (MBA) is a Canadian law firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia since 1975. The firm’s practice areas include corporate/commercial law, personal injury, real estate, civil litigation, wills and estates and matrimonial law.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality legal work. We believe what sets us apart from other law firms is that we always ensure our advice is practical, yet innovative and that the work is performed on time and on budget with direct contact with the assigned lawyer. Specifically, we strive to:

  • Understand a client’s goals
  • Bring to the table strong business insights
  • Respond to a client’s needs at the speed of business
  • Utilize technology to reduce legal costs and to provide our clients with the edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment

In some situations the law plays an important role in your personal life. For matters such as estates, divorce or personal injury we will listen to you and explain how the law works in your situation. We will set out your options and protect your rights with skill in a timely manner.

Whether an individual, a small business or a large public company, you have our commitment that we will dedicate the necessary resources and attention required to achieve your business objectives. In short, we seek to be part of your team and not merely hired legal technicians. As such, look to us to help you successfully manage your legal affairs.


General Inquiries:

McLachlan Brown Anderson
10th Floor, 938 Howe St
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 1N9

Phone: 604-331-6000

Fax: 604-331-6008



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